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  1. Kajisar says:
    ?Note: This page may contain content that is offensive or inappropriate for some readers. semen [se´men] fluid discharged at ejaculation in the male, consisting of spermatozoa in their nutrient plasma, secretions from the prostate, seminal vesicles, and various other glands, epithelial cells, and minor constituents. adj., adj sem´inal. se·men, pl.
  2. Vishakar says:
    Apr 07,  · Semen is a natural anti-depressant. I know sex in general can put a smile back on my face, but I never thought it had anything to do with semen.
  3. Bashicage says:
    Sperm make up only 5% or less of your semen. It's also got amino acids, protein, sugar, and minerals to nourish those baby-making swimmers. Next; Question 1 / 8. An orgasm means you'll see semen. a.
  4. Dukazahn says:
    Aug 13,  · Human Semen in petri suhantelumdipabbiderssorewoli.coinfo 2, × 1,; MB Human semen in petri suhantelumdipabbiderssorewoli.coinfo 1, × ; KB Mengen vergleich von 2 bis 20 ml- veranschaulicht an einem suhantelumdipabbiderssorewoli.coinfo × .
  5. Virg says:
    Aug 13,  · When semen combines with the vagina, which is very acidic, the smell and taste may change. When there is a fishy odor after vaginal intercourse, this .
  6. Kigall says:
    Semen definition is - a viscid whitish fluid of the male reproductive tract consisting of spermatozoa suspended in secretions of accessory glands (as of the prostate and Cowper's glands).
  7. Grojar says:
    10 Tips that will help you increase your semen volume. The volume of semen ejaculated by a man during orgasm may cause him to worry, especially since the amount of semen produced goes down dramatically as we get older.A man with low semen volume may potentially have physical conditions limiting his production or ejaculation ability.
  8. Dilkis says:
    Aug 23,  · Semen is a bodily fluid that is secreted by the gonads of male animals. It contains spermatozoa and fructose and other enzymes that help the sperm to .
  9. Arakus says:
    May 15,  · Although semen flavor varies from one person to another, it’s generally warm and salty with a slightly chlorine-like smell. While there aren’t any research-backed guidelines, proper hygiene Author: Annamarya Scaccia.

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