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Moon Moods - Diva* - Moon Moods (Cassette)

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  1. Yozshular says:
    Current mood: indifferent HiThings are alright as of now. I'm laying back in my room right now with River, my bearded dragon, who's running around the floor as my favourite MCR cd blasts the house down. Any minute now I'm gonna hear an "Ebony!! Turn that down this instant!!" lmao.
  2. Molabar says:
    Jul 15,  · According to Deseret News, mission control in Houston heard Armstrong playing ‘Moon Moods’ on Apollo 11, “and thanked him for turning it off.” ‘Everyday People’, Peggy Lee.
  3. Zulabar says:
    Mar 06,  · This is a flirty Moon, and you get away with it, because it's all for fun. The Leo lunar vibe brings out the cocky bravado in men and the diva in women. You might spend more time with the mane and dress, in anticipation of being seen. It's a Moon to revel in being admired and taking pride in .
  4. Yolkree says:
    Issue has earned distinct international acclaim in the high-art, creative, and academic worlds. Created through an evolving collection of highly acclaimed contemporary artists of diverse mediums, Issue is dedicated to the celebration of creative thought in the arts, photography, music, film, design, culture and style. Our unique collaborative skills breed trust and creative energy making issue.
  5. Ker says:
    Oct 21,  · Artist: Diva Dompe. Album: Moon Moods. Released: Style: Pop. Format: MP3 Kbps / FLAC. Size: 79 Mb. Tracklist: 01 – Wanna Get to Know You 02 – Cyborg Sweetie 03 – Uncoiled 04 – Inverted Image 05 – Smooth Ride 06 – Teardrops in the Purple Dimension 07 – Feline Divine 08 – Moon Moods 09 – Lonely Drive 10 – Avocado.
  6. Duzuru says:
    Being a woman can be tough. For one week every month, we get mood swings, cramps, headaches, stomach upset, cravings and about million other "PMS" symptoms that have us going batty. Or maybe we don't get our period at all for a few months at a time. Well ladies, none of this is normal! We can feel vibrant all month long by regulating our cycles.
  7. Shakasar says:
    Jan 23,  · Moon Moods was written and recorded first on a tascam 8-track cassette recorder using bass, guitar, and various cheap and scavenged keyboards, samplers and effects.
  8. Aragar says:
    Jul 31,  · The Moon affects Earth in several ways. The first and most obvious is through the provision of moonlight, with a full Moon coming around every days, and a new Moon .
  9. Yozshushakar says:
    Aug 02,  · The Moon's Correlation to Mood Swings. For centuries, humans have observed correlations between certain events and the phase of the moon. Some women have noticed that they always feel a certain way or experience a sensation when the moon is at a certain point. For example, a women may always feel sad and downtrodden when the moon appears in the.

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